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2010 Cosplay Meme by Kat326 2010 Cosplay Meme by Kat326
I finally convinced myself to do this. o___o

1) Definitely gonna make:
-Flo [Progressive Insurance] (whom I already finished for Halloween... but I wanna wear her to a con sometime. ._.)
-RED Scout [Team Fortress 2] for Connecticon (I'M FRICKIN' BUZZCUTTIN' MY HAIR FOR THIS. .___. NO HALF-ASSERY HERE XD).
-Sweden [Hetalia] for Animazement.
-Finnian [Kuroshitsuji] for Otakon
-Austrain Succession France [Hetalia] for Otakon

2) Maybe gonna make (no actual con plans):
-RED Sniper [Team Fortress 2]
-Spirit Albarn [Soul Eater] (only if my roomie finishes her Maka cosplay X3)
-Tashigi [One Piece] (I cosplayed her back in '05, and would LOVE to reamke the outfit. She's one of my favourite characters in O.P.)
-Badou Nails (DOGS)

3)I apologize for the poor quality of my progress pics XD Left to right:
Scout (minus almost EVERYTHING), Sweden's hat, Finnian's shirt

SO MUCH TO DOOOOOO~ Plus college. Damn, I'll be busy. XD
Blank meme: [link]
Will be scrapped
Lilbang Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009

oh damm, now I have to do this xD Hahahaa~
HeatherLeigh02 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Flo! I'm excited for your Flo cosplay! ^^
Kat326 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009   General Artist
Oh man, I loved wearing Flo on Halloween. I really hope I can bring her to a con. @A@
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