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OBJECTION! by Kat326 OBJECTION! by Kat326

Got the photos back from the shoot I had with Tofu at Katsucon and OH GOSH, I’M SO HAPPY.

I’ve been cosplaying as Apollo since 2008 and this is the first formal photoshoot I’ve had with this costume!

The Ace Attorney series is one of my all-time favourite video games, not just for the characters and story (which are WONDERFUL), but also because the fans of the series are pretty much the best. I gave this cosplay a bit of a fix-up in 2010, and am super happy with the improvement!

The vest is made from linen (red fabric) & gabardine (black fabric). The tie is also linen, and is the only sewn part of the costume I HAVEN’T remade at some point. :’) Blouse was purchased. I also made my attorney’s badge! It’s made out of Model Magic & painted with acrylics. 

My bracelet had been the one part of the costume I struggled with. In the few years I’ve worn this costume, I’ve re-made the bracelet 4 times. I ended up finding a 3D printed version on Etsy from a shop calledCosplastic. It’s AMAZING. breaks apart into 2 pieces, and fits together with magnets! A little loose on my tiny baby wrists, but that’s fine!

I styled the wig myself. it’s a “Cher” I bought on Amphigory when I first made the costume (though it’s been re-styled a few times since I bought it)! I’d love to attempt his crazy-ass hairline someday, but I can’t find wefts in the right shade of brown. :C

I LOVE THIS COSTUME SO MUCH. For Otakon I’ll be cosplaying as Bandaged!Polly. Can’t wait to make Clay’s old jacket (I’ll be cry-sewing). 

Cosplay made & worn by myself 

Photos by: Tofu Photography 

SmashBros2008 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
And a boot to the head!:iconboottotheheadplz:
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